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First of all, let me introduce you to Shadowburn World of Warcraft!
Here you will find everything you need to know and get started on Shadowburn.

Reopening in April 2018, which will make us the youngest server worldwide.
Content-wise, we are a Blizzlike server and all of our development and managemental decisions have been and will be made towards the goal of Blizzlike with attention to the finest detail.

We will try to offer you an environment that reflects what you would expect from any retail realm - Our design approach is one that asks us the question:

"Is this something that I would enjoy, and see myself playing?"
- If the answer is no, then we need to rethink things.

As a Blizzlike server, we strive to have the most Retail gaming environment possible to give you the World of Warcraft you enjoyed so much during Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Unlike others, we are not satisfied with half working content, but instead, we try to give you just that extra bit of quality others can't give you.

History Through The Years

Our first try was during 2011, under CroggesServer community (
After few months, we had a pretty nice number of players. Thanks to amazing developers we had fully working ICC in few weeks (You can see Promo Video from 2011 below). Started testing and checking more and more every single day to provide more info for them and to fix some easy problems by myself. But everything went down once new members joined the team and tried to modify server and store itself. Custom items, custom spells etc...

We tried once again with few of them, but mistakes were made at the very start with giving free looms - "That's what every server do at the start, they said." Sadly, I had no other options but to let them do their thing since machine and everything else was in their hands, and my job was to check other things and try to 'gain' new players for them. Lots of old players left and I decided to leave that team myself.

This time, I'm working with friend and there's no pressure to change things that we like. After few years, we were able to re-buy our 'domain' back with two separate machines for our needs.

Having pure Blizzlike realm(s) is the way to go, for us at least, even if we are going to need a lot of time to build a solid number of players.

In last few years there was a lot of new servers that offer "Progression realm(s)" and many of them had pretty nice success.
We wanted to build something like that as well, but after a lot of thinking and chat with Crogge (Elysium Project), we changed our mind. They had insane problems with 50+ Developers to revert all scripts to previous patches, which require a lot of time and money as well. Closing dungeons and raids, removing vendors or etc is not real progression realm. Also, thanks to Trinity and Azeroth Core and their amazing work, end game with some minor fixes is at an excellent level.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How to register an account?"
"What about forums?"
  • Check our forums at
    You will need to register a separate forum account, as our forums are not linked to in-game accounts. Once registered, you will have full access and will find a wealth of information, such as our server rules in multiple languages, guides and much more.

"Discord server?" "Which patch do we need?"
  • Currently, 3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King.
"What is the realmlist?"
  • set realmlist
"What are the rates?"
  • Blizzlike rates - 1x for everything.

"What dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds work here?"
  • We have fully scripted and opened dungeons, raids, battlegrounds as we had on Retail during 3.3.5a patch.
"Voting and voting points?"
  • Voting helps us gain popularity which ultimately will help you.
"No voting rewards?"
  • As I said already, it will be up to players to help us if they like pure Blizzlike realm(s). I know it's pretty bad idea, but I hope there are players that will help if they enjoy the server, no matter what.
"Can we donate?"
  • Yes you can donate, but the store will only offer vanity items, as "Retail Store" - There is no way to buy anything else.
"How to contact support team?"
  • Send an email to "". Be sure to include the account or name of the character you are having an issue with.
    Website Live chat - You can get help from our Ticket Handlers by visiting our official website.
    Join the Discord support channel or visit our forums and report your problem there.
    When a GM announces they are available, you may whisper them directly in-game.
For detailed information, please visit our wiki -


Core itself is based on Azeroth core, but thanks to Letic we were able to take some things from Trinity, which will help us a lot since there are fixes from both communities.
Since we have active players on retail as well, we were able to get even more information about PvE & PvP - We know it's Legion, but their help was really great when it comes to some older events and how to trigger them.

Website wise, we made our own. There are some missing parts like the Armory, but we are getting there slowly. Mostly, we are using official PHP scripts that we can easily integrate into our website.

We also have different machines for our Server / Website. Check below for more information if required.


At the moment, we are are looking for:

Core developer - Be able to work with Azeroth and Trinity core.
Database developer - SQL developer. Knowledge of SAI scripting is required.
Website developer - To help us with simple PHP scripts. Ideas to improve are always welcome.
Ticket Handlers - For live support through our website. You will gain a GM account as well.
Game Masters - In-game support for players.


● Age 18+
● Fluency in English.
● Knowledge and understanding of the Server Rules.
● Available and dedicated to putting work into the server.
● Willing to put the needs of the server ahead of their own in-game needs.
● Positive attitude and background.
● Knowledge of and experience in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Expansion is an asset.

● Knowledge and experience in programming using C++ (Core Developer)
● Knowledge and experience in programming using HTML, CSS, and PHP. (Website Developer)
● Knowledge and experience in SQL database development and management using MySQL. (Database Developer)


● Offer daily player support.
● Handle community incidents via our game tools.
● Solve technical incidents or forward them to Team Leaders.
● Mediate cases of harassment, severe insults, and racism.
● Follow our forums to stay informed about the community.
● Attend weekly staff meetings.

If you think you've got what it takes, submit your application to

When submitting an application please include the following information:

● Full name.
● Country.
● Age and birth date.
● List of in-game characters (If you have any).
● Do you have any database handling experience?
● Do you have experience in C++ or other Scripting Languages? Elaborate.
● Previous experience in developing.
● Do you have any experience with teamwork and online support? If so, where?
● Additional information about yourself - feel free to attach a picture, as well.
● Contact details (Facebook, Discord or etc.)

If you want to talk directly with me you can send me a message via Discord.
Also, you can contact me via email -

Server features

Leading - Shadow Emu (Based on Azeroth & Trinity core) delivers the highest performance and richest working game environment.
Security and foresight - Professional management ensures the long-term prosperity of the server.
Stability - High uptime for an endless gaming experience.
No downtime - Only 30 seconds for crash recovery.

Realm features

Blizzlike rates (1x)
Rich content - We have more working and fewer bugs than any other private server.
Line of sight, collision, and anticheat - Is built in and enabled on Shadow Emu.
No lag - Players will never experience lag on our realm(s).

Server - Dedicated machine

Intel Core i7-2600K 3.40GHz
1000 GB HDD SATA III Enterprise
1000 MBit Premium Network
10 Gbit/s DDoS Shield

Website - Dedicated machine

Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.30GHz
500 GB HDD SATA III Enterprise
1500 GB Bandwidth
10 Gbit/S DDoS Shield
cPanel / SSL / SSH

  • Account Creation - Will be available next week.
  • Logs are not fully added yet from Database - At the moment they using single one for preview.
    Some of the links are still broken (Example - Guides) - Need some rest before i complete them as well.

  • Over 2000 items have been re-writen in last few days and enabled on website.
    Trying to complete friendly and rich website that will help every player.
    All dungeons, raids, zones and etc have simple logs towards them only, which you can see. (Example - Raids page - Under News menu)
    Donation module - Blizzlike completed!


Website 1.1 version is live and ready for preview! -
Every page has a background check and will redirect to you to your desired location (When you need to Login or Logout or etc)
During that time, friendly reminders similar to in-game loading screens have been added.


With over 100 pages and 100 images (Don't even wanna talk about Java) this is the result - Still need to optimize a little, but 0 errors so far in logs.


Special thanks to...
Meltie for helping me out with php issues.
Scythey for editorial assistance.
Thank you for your time!
With appreciation, Knindza.

Watch: Promo video from 2011

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Very detailed. Very nice.

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Thanks Reaper.

Small update:

  • Full website should be available for preview in next two days.
    Got stuck on job today, and will have to work tomorrow again until 17PM.

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I appreciate the time and detail put into this post. I expect you will do very well. I look forward to seeing more updates about Shadowburn.

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As a thank you for the elaborate submit, I went forth assisting you in the format of the post, in addition, I removed all solecism in your post.
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Hello Everyone!
Shadowburn Entertainment servers are officially up and running! Thank you for waiting so patiently. - Feel free to join us on Discord, Forums & Server.

Realmlist (subdomain will be updated in next few days.)

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set realmlist

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